• Logan, Utah Real Estate
    Logan is located near the entrance to Logan Canyon in Cache County, Utah, approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from the state capital, Salt Lake City.
  • North Logan & Hyde Park, Utah Real Estate
    North Logan real estate is situated just four miles north of the city of Logan. The area is surrounded by canyons and foothills that attract outdoor enthusiasts from across the country.
  • Nibley, Utah Real Estate
    Prior to 1824, the area surrounding Nibley real estate was occupied by the Shoshone Native American Indians. In 1824, fur trappers from the Rocky Mountain Fur Company relocated to the area, and over the next 20 years the Utah populations of bison and beaver were all but wiped out.
  • River Heights & Providence, Utah Real Estate
    River Heights real estate is located in an area above the benches in Cache County, Utah, where Indians used to camp. After the development of surrounding areas, like Providence, was complete, residents in those cities began purchasing land in River Heights.
  • Smithfield, Utah Real Estate
    Smithfield real estate is located in the Logan Metro Area of Cache County in Northern Utah and is eight miles north of the city of Logan.