Logan, Utah Real Estate and Community Information

Logan is located near the entrance to Logan Canyon in Cache County, Utah, approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes from the state capital, Salt Lake City. The city was founded in 1859 by a small group of Mormon settlers who were sent to scout the area by Brigham Young. That same year, the first schoolhouse was built in the fledgling town. One year later, in 1860, the settlement had grown in size to more than 100 homes and the town received its permanent name.

The city was named after local trapper and settler, Ephraim Logan. The city continued to grow quickly in size and attracted farmers and their families who wanted to grow their crops in the supple soils of the mountain town. While most residents of the town focused on agriculture as their primary source of income, other residents focused on industry and the earliest days of the town saw the construction of a sawmill, tannery, carding mill and limekiln. By 1878, the city was large enough to support higher education and Brigham Young College, now Utah State University, was founded at the top of the town on the mountain.

Shopping and Dining

Most Logan real estate is located within a short driving distance of multiple shopping opportunities. The Cache Valley Mall is located within city limits and is home to major chains like Dillard’s JCPenney and Game Stop. Local businesses also thrive in Logan and popular clothing and antiques shops, like Violet Hill Boutique for women and Country Village Mall antiques, are spread throughout the city.

Logan residents love to eat, and the wide variety of local and chain restaurants prove it. The Cache Valley Mall is home to multiple food chains like Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse. For local fare, residents sit down at The Elements Restaurant, a high-class steakhouse serving contemporary American fare, or The Beehive Grill, a bar and grill with both meat lovers and vegetarian options.

Parks and Recreation

Logan real estate is nestled high in the mountains above the Salt Lake Valley and provides ease of access to a wide range of activities in both winter and summer months. Plentiful snow keeps nearby Beaver Mountain Ski Resort open to skiers and snowboarders from October to May, and sometimes into June and July. Beaver Mountain is a full service resort with runs for all skill levels, from beginners to aspiring professionals.

For those residents who hibernate in the winter and prefer summer activities, the city of Logan provides access to dozens of hiking and biking trails and offers excellent campgrounds. The most popular hiking trails are in the Wellsville Mountains and Logan Canyon and include the Jardine Juniper Trail, and the trails to Old Ephraim’s Grave, Tony Grove Lake and Wind Cave. Serious cyclists visit these trails for fun but typically train roadside for the nationally recognized annual LOTOJA bike race.

Residents who enjoy cultural activities visit the nearby American West Heritage Center in Wellsville. The Center provides hands-on, reenactment and museum-based interpretations of pioneer, mountain man and Native American history.


Logan real estate is located in an area heavily populated by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). The Logan Temple is located within city limits and is a popular view for both LDS and non-LDS residents alike.

The small-town atmosphere paired with good neighbors and a low crime rate has earned the city the No. 5 slot as one of the most secure places to live in the United States. The booming population and its ever-growing economy have also earned Logan the No. 4 spot as one of the fastest-emerging metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The comparatively low average cost of $144,900 for a home or condo in Logan has contributed to its growth; the city’s close proximity to larger metro areas like Ogden has also played a role.

Although Logan has been primarily viewed as a college town, the growing economy has made way for leading occupations like professional workers, sales, office workers, production, transportation and service industry professionals.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Logan real estate is close to Utah State University, one of the nation’s top-rated colleges for agriculture and equine education. The area is also home to 21 schools, including three private schools and two public charter institutions. Currently, the city of Logan spends $3,754 per pupil per year and there are 22 students per teacher on average.

There are two major medical centers within city limits. Logan Regional Hospital services all types of medical emergencies and general healthcare needs. Cache Valley Specialty Hospital focuses on diagnostics, screenings, surgeries and other high level procedures.

Nearly 70 percent of Logan residents drive to work and the average commute time to work is less than 15 minutes.


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