Nibley, Utah Real Estate And Community Information

Prior to 1824, the area surrounding Nibley real estate was occupied by the Shoshone Native American Indians. In 1824, fur trappers from the Rocky Mountain Fur Company relocated to the area, and over the next 20 years the Utah populations of bison and beaver were all but wiped out. In 1855, Mormon pioneer Brigham Young worked with Utah Territorial Legislature to take possession of land in Nibley to establish Elk Horn Ranch, the first Mormon settlement in Cache Valley. Residents experienced multiple attacks from the neighboring Shoshone tribes until the 1870s when the tribes moved onto reservations.

The town received its current name in 1920 and was named after Charles Wilson Nibley, the local bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was not until 15 years later, in late 1935, that the town was incorporated. By the year 2000, the population had grown to more than 2,000 people and it continues to grow.

Shopping and Dining

Nibley real estate is located just seven minutes from downtown Logan, Utah, where there are a multitude of shopping opportunities. Large chains like Dillard’s and JCPenney are located in the Cache Valley Mall. Local retailers and boutiques also abound in this area. For the outdoors-type, The Sportsman offers outdoor gear and accessories while Leven’s Clothing and Formal Wear dresses up residents for a night out on the town. Residents do not need to leave the town to do their grocery shopping because Lee’s Marketplace is located within city limits.

Nibley features some small cafes but the majority of sit-down dining is located in the surrounding towns, with the best options available in Logan, Utah. Fare from many regions of the world is available and the Tandoori Oven, an Indian restaurant, is popular with locals. For those residents searching for steak and seafood, The Copper Mill, also located in Logan, offers a wide variety of options to suit every visitor.

Parks and Recreation

Nibley real estate is located at the gateway to multiple scenic hiking and biking trails and other recreational activities that attract people from around the world. The Wellsville Mountain trails are located just minutes away in Mendon, Utah and range in difficulty from beginner to advanced hiker. Residents can also access camping in places like Guinavah, located on the banks of the Logan River in Logan Canyon.

Nearby Logan is home to the annual Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre each year from July through August. This event attracts visitors from around the western states and features popular musicals, operas and other musical acts.

Just south of Logan, the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville is a cultural center that preserves Native American, mountain man and pioneer history. Some of the preserved lands include a Shoshone encampment, a farm circa 1917, an original pioneer settlement and a camp that was once used by fur traders.


Nibley real estate and its population have experienced tremendous growth since 2000. The population of this emerging metropolitan-area town has more than doubled in the past ten years. In line with other upscale Northern Utah real estate, the average home price in Nibley is $204,600, and a great deal of residential construction in this area was built within the past 10 years.

Most residents in Nibley work in trade or professional industries, including sales, office management, finance, business management, transportation, and production, though some residents also work in service businesses, and in fishing and forestry services and construction.

Nibley has easy access to major freeways and is located just 40 minutes from Ogden, where there are multiple malls, museums and other activities for city-goers. The city is also located approximately one hour from Salt Lake City.

Schools, Health, Transportation

There are three public schools located near Nibley real estate which serve grades K through 5. These elementary schools are part of the Cache County School District. Unlike other elementary schools in Cache County which place 22 or more students in a classroom, the average class size in these schools is 18.9. Most students in middle school and high school attend classes at facilities in nearby Logan, North Logan or Hyde Park.

The nearest hospitals to Nibley are located in Logan, Utah, just four miles away. Residents can visit either Logan Regional Hospital, part of the Intermountain Healthcare Network of hospitals and less than 1.5 miles away, or Cache Valley Specialty Hospital, located just 2.5 miles away.

While residents in Nibley have access to the local Cache Valley Transit system, most residents drive to work. The average commute time for residents is approximately 21 minutes each way. Approximately 50 percent of residents experience a commute between 15 and 29 minutes, while another 40 percent live within 15 minutes of work.


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