Smithfield, Utah Real Estate And Community Information

Smithfield real estate is located in the Logan Metro Area of Cache County in Northern Utah and is eight miles north of the city of Logan. The area was originally home to a tribe of the Shoshone Indians who attacked the town in 1860. The town was settled in 1859 under the name Summit because of the town’s proximity to Summit Creek. The area was quickly developed into a farmland and agriculture was the town’s primary source of income. In 1860, John Glover Smith was called to serve as the LDS Bishop in Summit and the town was later renamed to Smithfield in his honor. After 1874, the town began to grow and industries aside from agriculture boomed. Among some of the most successful industries in the early years of the town were a molasses mill, grist mill, saw mill, tannery, blacksmith, cabinet-maker’s shop and a lime kiln.

Shopping and Dining

Although Smithfield real estate is located in a small town, big city amenities are available both within the city and in the immediately surrounding area. Although major shopping at chains like JCPenney and Nordstrom’s is done at Cache Valley Mall in Logan, Utah, there are multiple local shops right in the heart of Smithfield. The Smithfield Shoppes Uptown have something for everyone including antiques, collectibles, jewelry, unique auto accessories, bags and accessories and handmade crafts. In addition, the town is home to a franchise of the San Francisco Music Box Company. The next nearest vendor is located in South Ogden, Utah, more than one hour away.

Unlike other small towns in the Logan Metro Area, Smithfield has multiple local restaurants to suit nearly every taste. The Firehouse Pizzeria provides Friday night pizza to go or to stay and Callaways Bistro offers a wide variety of pizza, pasta, steaks, seafood and other American fare to suit every taste. Multiple chain fast food restaurants are also located in Smithfield while chain sitdown restaurants like Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse are located in nearby Logan.

Parks and Recreation

Smithfield real estate is located within just a few miles of multiple hiking and biking trails and campgrounds. Crimson Trail and the Green Canyon Trail are two popular trails with locals that are easily accessible in the Smithfield Canyon. Throughout the year, residents can also engage in biking, fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, skiing, snowmobiling and whitewater rafting, all within minutes of town. Beaver Mountain Ski Resort offers skiing and snowboarding runs in the winter and hiking trails in the summer.

For those residents who prefer a leisurely day that doesn’t require roughing it, the Birch Creek Golf Course is located within city limits and offers both 9-hole and 18-hole play.

Like neighboring Logan, Smithfield residents enjoy bike riding and Smithfield has developed its own bike race, the Tour de Smithfield. For serious riders, the nationally recognized LOTOJA bike race calls Logan, Utah home.

Each May, the town holds its largest event, Smithfield Health Days, which features a parade, booths, a Fun Run, a golf tournament, horse pulls, a youth music competition and more.


The current median cost of a home in Smithfield real estate is $191,900 and the cost of living in this small town is nearly three percent lower than the national average. This town is included in the Logan Metro Area’s number four ranking as one of the top emerging metropolitan areas in the country. The small town has also been ranked among the greenest and most secure places to live in the United States.

Most residents of Smithfield work in sales, office and clerical positions. In addition, large numbers of residents also work in production, transportation, business management, finance, service industries, farming, and fishing or for the Forest Service. Additional residents still work in construction and maintenance professions.

The nearest major city, Ogden, is located approximately 50 miles south of Smithfield. Salt Lake City is approximately 90 miles south.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Smithfield real estate is located near three public schools and one private school. The public schools within city limits are serviced by Cache School District and serve children in kindergarten through fifth grade and tenth through twelfth grade. Students in sixth grade through ninth grade attend public school in nearby Logan, North Logan or Hyde Park.

Those residents seeking medical care drive approximately eight miles from Smithfield to either Cache Valley Specialty Hospital or the Logan Regional Hospital. There are no hospitals located within the town limits, but the drive to Logan is a short 13 minutes.

Residents of Smithfield typically commute approximately 19 minutes each way to and from work. The town does have access to the full service Cache Valley Transit system, which connects Logan, North Logan, Hyde Park, Smithfield and other towns in Cache Valley.


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